Quality assurance

Our Quality Assurance Process

100% accuracy as a standard

Our business process was initially designed for providing the best quality service to our customers. As soon as we use the translation workflow process as a base we have done our best to integrate quality control into every stage. Years of practice have proved that the following ingredients of successful management really work:

  • Careful selection of personnel
  • Fulfilling the requirements of certification programs
  • Performance monitoring and quality control
  • Use of contemporary terminology glossaries and linguistic tools ensuring consistency

High efficiency of the working process is our most important priority. To assure the quality of the working process we always follow the established order:

  1. A highly professional linguist thoroughly examines your original text to identify its specialization, style and complexity level. We consider this stage to be of crucial importance for further engagement of relevant specialists, glossaries and language tools.
  2. Translation is performed by a qualified specialist with a university degree and experience in the subject area. For translation of high-complexity texts we engage certified experts.
  3. All translations go through a proofreading process, performed by a native speaker or a highly qualified linguist able to check and compare the source text and the ready translation not only for grammar and semantic mistakes but for style inconsistencies.
  4. Highly specialized and complex engineering texts are examined by source specialists hired for specific expertise and advising.
  5. On the last stage the translated material is reviewed by an optional country client who makes corrections and adjustments if necessary.

Then the team’s final product goes to our database for further use.

The whole process is coordinated by experienced project managers who keep an eye on quality assurance procedure and know where to address for the desired information and advice and arrange effective project communication so that to meet the deadline and get the work done on the best possible level.

Highly experienced project managers coordinate the whole process, gathering needed information, facilitating all communication, following every step and double-checking instructions while monitoring progress and deadlines. 

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