Marketing for SEO

The main purpose of SEO is creating natural traffic resulting in sales conversion.

Thais why this subject is closely connected to such discipline as marketing. Marketing and SEO combined together constitute a science between two sciences requiring deep knowledge of internet technologies, intuition and sophisticated taste. Thus SEO Marketing could be named an art and a science.

Search Engine Marketing is a very complex and time consuming process that should start from a website analysis and defining of a target audience, analyzing the queries and the “buying mode”. On the base of the data received a unique coding and a set of keyword phrases is to be developed and used.  

The next two steps in SEO Marketing are integration of the coding and increase of your website’s popularity. Our experience shows thatlinks especially created for SEO purposes together with links based on the value of your content is the best working combination. The first turns into a resource to reach a quicker traffic and utilize the pay per click advertising and the second servers as a relationships builder which is becoming more and more effective nowdays.

Experienced business owners who value time and don’t want to loose it on experiments while making a headway always address to professional experts.

SOLT Group will save your time and money charging its marketing and IT specialists to fulfill these difficult tasks.

The SOLT Group experts mainly concentrate on Organic SEO or organic traffic that is the main tool to increase traffic and sales conversions long term. This is the main goal of all SEO Marketing campaigns and if properly performed constitute their best achievement, as it requires less money to advertise and increases sales turnover more than a PPC campaign could produce.

Building a comprehensive layout

A comprehensive layout is a must for running of your web abroad.

A comprehensive layout is a finished artwork, including

  • graphics,
  • photographs,  
  • illustrations,
  • comprehensive text material.

What the SOLT Group translators actually do is not only accurate translation into both popular and rare languages but also adaptation to peculiarities of local cultures.

Here is the list of languages mostly used for translation of web sites:

  • Arabic
  • Basque
  • Catalan
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese


Search Engine Marketing and Localization

Communication with a target market has become vitally important. It is not enough to translate an English site into a foreign language. Every little thing is to be customized to a specific market.

So, marketing both like a science and like a method drives forward and to the top.

Marketing is the umbrella term that includes investigation, planning, branding, optimization, advertising, AD content copywriting, e-commerce and more.

Multilingual Content Optimization

The Solt Group seo experts always start optimization with a thorough analysis of your website flows that includes in-depth analysis of the "search engine results page" (Organic SERP). SEPR reflects:

  • the User's queries (e.x.”Dell Computers” );
  • organic SERP Listings, showing results of the “algorithmic relevance check”;
  • paid SERP Listings. These are  "sponsored links" or advertisements you can place paying-per-click;
  • efficiency of the chosen keywords.

 As soon as the analysis has been made the best suitable optimization cure can be prescribed.


Global SEO for your Business

Providing SEO we never forget that your ultimate aim is improving profitability of your company. And we focus on this target too. As soon as you address to us Solt Group will become your marketing partner and assistant. We use all contemporary tools to ensure that the output will meet your needs.

Why are keywords so important?

Properly chosen keywords work as your agents attracting the target audience to your product or service. In case you attract a different target audience than planned that could end up in loose the opportunity and waste of time and money.

The features of the best multilingual keywords are:

  • Strongly relevant to your website, products and services.
  • Highly scored on search engines.
  • Very popular in your local cultural context and at your local market.

The nuances of language, cultural and geographical features require a thorough approach for creation of multilingual content and defining of keywords.

For example: in Spain the word “coche” means “car”, while in Argentina it is commonly used for “baby-stroller”. So, the word “car” on an Argentinian website will attract people wishing to buy a baby stroller.

Having ordered professional multilingual content from SOLT Group you will get:

  • an adapted and expanded keyword list;
  • the online target market research;
  • keyword efficiency analysis;
  • new keyword ideas;
  • analysis of your competitor’s keyword lists;
  • business relevant rates;
  • keyword priorities for content management.

Using the listed data you will be able to choose the most suitable local and language specific search engines, localize the links, select a local domain and the website hosting service.

On-Page and On-Site Factors

There are several on-page factors that affect search engine rankings. They are:

  • Good Content

Rapid changes in the media space set very high requirements for design and content of your website. Only professionals can do it at a due level.  It is a very dynamic area that needs constant updating so that not to look and sound old-fashioned.

The best up-to-date content is easily reproduced and shared. It will always reflect the topical demand, contain effective links and drive traffic. If people can’t link to it, search engines will be very unlikely to rank it.

A page layout where the content is the priority receives high rankings.

  • Incuding a keyword or keyphrase in the title

The title tag is a very strong signal. If a title tag starts with a keyword you may have an additional boost in the rankings.

  • Meta tags

carry information on what your site is about. The search engine crawlers will welcome and appreciate meeting meta tags.

  • Keyword location

is also important. A keyword in the beginning of your text content will make a stronger relevancy signal.

  • Page loading time

is always worth special attention, as it  impacts conversion rates and makes your web convenient to use.

  • Interlinking

between the site pages is a relevancy signal.

Professional SEO specialists insert internal linksand anchors into a content. Internal links connect separate pages on your website. Use of anchor text displays benefits of clicking on your link. Anchor text that includes target keywords will also help to win high rankings on the major search engines.

On-Site Factors

On-site factors concern use of your domain name and URL. 

If you're just starting out with a new domain name you have a good opportunity to set it up to your full advantage. The following simple things will work for you:

  •  including a keyword in your domain name;
  • use of old domain name and domain having qualitative backlinks;
  • including a keyword in the URL;
  • hierarchy in your URL, making the category word go first;
  • creating of seo friendly XML sitemap for website links.
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