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Wether you start or restart your business a professionally built website will always serve you as a faithful assistant and an unremitting promoter.

Business Concept

A business concept is the main idea that includes basic information about a brand: service or product description, information about the target audience and a special selling proposition that makes your company unique. It can be a new product or a new marketing idea. A well-developed business concept can be easily turned into a business plan. And it is a half-way to your success.

A Logo and a Slogan

A catchy logo and slogan are the most effective means to attract the customers and make your business idea work for you. If your slogan is ordinary it will be lost through endless variety of  similar ones.

The professional team of Solt Group is always at sight and at finger contact,  ready to support your ideas with our creativity and experience in developing of a business concept and creating a logo and a slogan.

A thoroughly developed business concept will suggest the type
of a website to choose.


 1. Content Sites.

This definition embraces business sites, news and information sites and a large number of the other once focused on a specific content. The optimum structure and unique content are absolutely required to make content sites attractive. People and companies having self-respect always try to create and maintain a positive image ordering a professionally developed structure and content.

2. Shopping Sites.

Online Stores have recently become very popular. Glamourous beauties with sun tanned skin and seductive shapes offer skin and body care products. Top brands and discount facilities compete in urging you to buy. High quality images are of importance above price. It is convenient for a client and for everyone trying to arrange a comprehensive presentation of a product or a service.

3. Blogs and forums.

Blogs and forums differ from each other but they are equal in their main idea that is  online communication on any subject. It’s been donkey’s years since forums become popular and donkey’s ears since blogs moved up. The word “blogger” often means a profession now. Nowadays blogs may come to be the most popular and effective way to position an idea or a product and break into a market. Bloggers can do a good living now placing ads or writing about a subject that needs promotion. 

4. Mini Sites 

A Mini Site is a type of a Content Site performed in a smaller format. Mini Sites usually include short characteristics of products or services and contacts. It is quite a good solution for somebody who wants just to be known at a market but doesn’t want to talk  much about the services. 

5. Specialized Sites.

“Specialized” means having one special function, for example, “Youtube” is to watch videos, “Torrent” is to download films and large-size files or video games. 

6. Social networks.

Social networks are growing in quantity like mushrooms in the forest. So is their popularity. Such networks as VK, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have become known to everyone. 



You can create your own website. This process can be really exciting for you because you will shape up your own ideas and content. And you can also manage a website based on an existing template. Any search engine will offer you a free website builder, beautiful backgrounds, and even a free hosting and domain. A lot of students and novice developers enjoy this happy opportunity of getting the first experience in design, practicing creativity, ingenuity and monitoring the results. 

SOLT Group offers two software platforms allowing a customer to control, edit and update the website content. 

If your goal is to attract customers and earn, a free launch is not your dish. The conclusion drawn by the Internet marketers states that a successful project in the net inevitably requires investment.  



Front-End Design is a basic engineering of the site focused on the clients’ technical requirements. It is otherwise known as client-side development. Many people perceive it as making such things as making things look pretty. In fact it’s a very important tool that supports further functioning of such elements as sliders, buttons, contact forms, transitions, drop-down menus. Front-End design is based on combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and can be divided inti two parts – web design and front web development. Creation of a Front-End Design requires both aesthetic sensitivity and programming rigor.



Wireframe is a visual guide that shows the skeletal framework of a site. It is developed to help in arranging of website elements for fulfillment of specific website tasks. Wireframes are usually focused on:

  • a range of available functions
  • a variety of visual effects
  • an appropriate location of functions and information
  • compliance with special rules, etc.

A wireframe consists of three basic elements: the information design, the interface design and the navigation design or navigation structure.

Modern life with its crazy rhythm and, to be honest, not always a joyous flow of information forces us to make a stop and relax. If the structure of your site is friendly and does not cause any tension visitors will surely appreciate it.

Ask any user: “what site can be considered a good one?” And you will get the answer: “ A good site offers fast, has a clear stucture and a user-friendly menu. All these features are included into the concept of usability. This concept is now in the focus of attention of both customers and developers of a website. 



As soon as you visit a website and leave there your email address, a Facebook “like” or make a purchase you immediately get into relationships with the website and it starts “visiting you” and calling to visit it again and again. Most contemporary websites are very sticky because they are integrated with their business systems. The information you leave on a website is recorded for further analysis and following your needs. Analyzing such information you will understand what marketing campaigns are effective and what are next to be carried out.





Rhythm of the modern life does not allow us to relax for a long time. When time to make a choice comes your buyer is to see your product as the brightest and the most attractive flower on a bed. Therefore you need a marketing text, i.e. a unique text that brings to life a desired image and emotion and makes your product recognizable and popular.

A marketing text is one of components of the product image. Remember: your competitors are not sleeping. Ideas are in the air and new products are constantly flooding the market. The sooner you make your product recognizable, popular and desirable the greater chance to success you will have.



To stay just like everyone else at the present level of competition means a complete failure. Only a custom design and corporate identity attract attention of customers and enhance prestige of a company.

The overall design of a website includes impression, creativity and usability. The key to success is the first impression, which is 93 % dependent on the picture we see first entering a site. Tastes and sense of color are different, of course. However, fashion trends cannot be ignored.


The SOLT Group specialists always follow design trends, which in the year of 2015 are the following: 

  • Digital surrealism: digitally rendered imagery creating 3D effects for flat surfaces;
  • Generative design: designers began using generative technologies to customize patterns based on people's design preferences;
  • Retro style; 
  • Space graphics; 
  • Digital printing. 

The novelties always encourage us to live a fit and more active life. That is why websites with trendy design are visited more often and visitors stay there longer. Sites with outdated designs leave the impression of a moss-grown and financially disadvantaged company. 



A signage outside your commercial building like an entrance to your home makes the first and very steady impression of your personality and your business. The SOLT Group designers create and produce durable, high-quality business signs and any kind of commercial building fronts, including metal letters, bronze plaques and dimensional logos.



Booklets, course catalogs and attendee picture books are still often used for final reports and event programs. Your corporate brochure plays a vital role in development of your business promoting it and attracting new customers. Our investment into the latest hi-tech print and finishing technologies enables us to produce premium quality corporate brochures. 



SOLT Group produces adaptable, efficient high quality posters of different sizes. Our library of unique poster designs is always at your disposal. You can easily find there an appropriate template that will make your message noticeable. And our specialists will personalize it with a unique text, photos, your logo and website address. 



Magazines and daily newspapers are dying day by day because of internet media development. One advantage of magazines, especially monthly magazines is their long shelf life. It makes them a valuable resource for placing a low cost ad and leaving it on the clients’ threads for a long time. 



Business Stationary is an important part of your Corporate Identity. The SOLT Group designers will readily help you with creation of a logo, a letterhead, business cards and any other stationary you may need for building and maintaining of the brand awareness. We can advise on weight, colour, textures and printing techniques, such as varnishing, laminating and die-cutting. A perfectly appointed set of professional business stationery is a handy tool for promotion of your style and image



Direct mail encompasses a wide variety of marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters and sales letters. If you want to create an effective direct-mail campaign a professional advice is a must that will prevent you from turning good into evil.



The sea of our life is never stagnant. The rapid flow of new technologies, changes in the economy, society, its culture, beliefs and habits modify our conditions of life and require constant updating. New products and services appear in the market. The target audience change. If you want to be successful, just go with the flow will not work. 

We will analyze the content and search queries on your website, determine the new tasks of your business, refresh the design and write unique texts, including relevant search queries. 

Your website may be the first interaction a customer has with your brand. To dominate your competitors, your website must be appealing and rank at the top of Google. Our consulting, web design, and search engine optimization (SEO) solutions will guarantee increase of visibility and growth of the quantity of visitors. 


The SOLT Group website services can help you set up your website properly and avoid costly mistakes. 

Anyone who has ever tried a good wine knows what aftertaste is. It is the taste left on the palate after the wine has been swallowed. The longer the aftertaste lasts, the better the wine is. The after-image left after visiting of your website is like the wine aftertaste. If it is long and pleasant, we can congratulate you, as you have a positive image of your website. It means that your first visitors will come back again. 

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