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Websites have become a valuable tool for anyone who wants to reach his audience and represent ideas, goods or services. SOLT Group always stays at hand to implement your conception through a full range of services, including: developing a concept, structure and website layout, creation of unique content and implementation of the content management system, optimized rewriting and redesign.


As soon as you decide to develop a site you can contact us immediately to start moving in a proper direction. The professional team of Solt Group will surround you with care and attention and assist in defining the aim and the target audience. These two correctly defined will help to create a convenient structure and serve as a key to success in your further activity.  


Staring your move in a proper direction with a professional guide will guarantee building a suitable layout which should meet today’s requirements and be cross-browser compatible.

To stay just like everyone else at the present level of competition means a complete failure. Only a custom design and corporate identity attract attention of customers and enhance prestige of a company.


The number of Internet users is constantly increasing. So the decision to announce your business on the site where millions meet and communicate is certainly a correct one. And the announcement should be clear for your target audience. Otherwise you website could become a drop in the bucket and potential customers will visit it only by a fluke.

Professional copywriters of SOLT Group will help to make your first step effective and write unique texts including key phrases (search queries of your target audience). It will bring the customer to your website. That is how SEO works.


The term “module” initially used in architecture was adopted by web-designers and the principle of modularity has been ingeniously applied in creating a dynamic website system.

SOLT Group develops  dynamic website systems that allow you to create, develop and manage your website at any time according to your needs. You will be able to add texts, any kind of video/audio material, images and more to any page and from any place where Internet connection is available. 

Everyone knows how important visual images are. Human brain processes visual information thousand times faster than any text. The most effective websites contain much more images, photos and videos than text information. And it is very important to arrange them in a way convenient both to see and to convert into a solid piece of work such as portfolio.

Our designers make their best to provide the most flexibility of your site. They use the so-called “custom catalogs”. It means that you will have a master catalogue, subcatalogues, categories or any combination of the above. Such catalogues’ proved to be very convenient for online stores, libraries and many other sites containing a lot of information on different items.

There are a lot of reasons why your website should be updated and contain the “News” section.  Showing awareness to your customers you attract more visitors to your website and at the same time position your company, goods and services.

The sea of our life is never stagnant. The rapid flow of new technologies, changes in the economy, society, culture, beliefs and habits modify conditions of life and require constant updating. New products and services appear in the market. The target audience changes. If you want to be successful, just go with the flow will not work.

As soon as your site becomes out of date, it is time for you to go to the next level and make Update, i.e. to analyze the content and search queries on your website and make optimized rewriting and redesign to match the user's interests.

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