Website Globalization

If you haven’t decided yet whether localize your web or not just go through the following figures to get a clear solution:

74 percent of multinational companies expect increase of revenues from global operations;

56.2 percent of consumers say that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price;

95 percent of Chinese online consumers willingly visit foreign sites translated into their native language;

65 percent of multinational enterprises consider  localization as a very important means to achieve higher revenues.

The ability to communicate clearly and accurately in multiple languages has become a key factor for a successful deal abroad.

The SOLT Group translators will work hand in hand with your team to adapt your web materials to local requirements, language and tastes.  


How to optimize localization? 


Consistency of your original website material will mean faster localization and lower cost. Therefore, what we recommend first is to develop the site thoroughly, use clear content, avoid using slang and colloquialisms. Remember that history, culture and propriety differ a lot throughout the world.

It applies not only to forms, product packaging and promotion but first of all to the design concept and user interface. 


What does this service include? 


The standard service package on globalization includes:

  • internationalization and adaptation to local cultures;
  • translation of web content and user interfaces;
  • localization of graphics;
  • testing of localized websites, maintenance and updates;
  • more on your request.

Such kind of works can be performed only by personnel highly qualified in IT and linguistics. 

The SOLT Group translators and IT engineers experienced in the appropriate spheres will make your site ready to travel anywhere in the world.

On your request we will additionally test it, adjust, maintain and update.


Terms of fulfillment and price 


The price and term of fulfillment will depend on complexity of the customer project.

We have translators between over 40 languages from popular to rare once. So, translation costs will accordingly vary. To assign a proper team we will need the following details:

  1. design and development platforms
  2. requirements to web graphics;
  3. markup and scripting languages;
  4. system requirements for further use;
  5. databases deployed;
  6. peculiarities of the content, its complexity and volume;
  7. target languages;
  8. quality Assurance and Testing requirements;
  9. CMS required.


CMS is becoming a really big deal 


According to Stanford University, 75 percent of people judge a company on the design of its website.

A vital factor for success is your web traffic, which is to be regularly analyzed and adjusted.

Technologies that automate our everyday life require CMS that is more than simply a content. A Web content management system should provide not only creating and managing  responsive sites but also mobile applications, which are developing very quickly and use multilingual content.

The SOLT Group specialists will set the following conveniences:

  • iterface for direct translation;
  • connection  between your CMS and our Project Management Suit to arrange exchange of content;
  • translation services and connectors providing access to reports on tasks, status and schedules;
  • content translation capabilities within the CMS Work Area;
  • localization and optimization of multilingual content;
  • possibilities of publishing the ready content;
  • management of language sites with just a few clicks.

For more details on advantages of web content management system please visit CMS Website Translation Connectors and contact our team to get a quotation of prices and terms of the listed services.


Making the internet business go global 


Taking a venture and going global a company offsets seasonal fluctuation in sales, increases the number of working projects and reduces the risks of loosing its market share. To overcome all the barriers on the way to global comprehension you will need the following:

  • Multilingual Web Design
  • International SEO and Content Marketing
  • Interaction with Global media
  • International E-Commerce

The SOLT Group professional team will happily assist you in fulfillment of these challenging tasks.


Multilingual Web Design 


Statistics shows that the visitors judge the product quality by the first impression made by the general look of the web. In 30 seconds they make a decision whether to stay or to leave.

The second most important feature is the web efficiency. One of four people will abandon the site if it takes more than 30 seconds to load.

A great multilingual design builds strong visitor confidence and increases conversion rates.

SOLT Group offers professional multilingual website design to meet the needs of any customer from a small business company to a big enterprise doing business internationally.

Multinational companies usually have a well- developed corporate site which serves as a base for rolling-out a number of single-language sites, launched in different countries.

The advantages of this approach are: the speed of its implementation and updating and the possibility to add unique local pages.

When a very tight control under the brand development is strongly required the best suitable option will consist of delivering a multilingual website with a centralized multilingual content management system.

The requirement of the brand and content control together with creating a unique local content constitute the most complicated “hybrid” approach.

In this case the web design must be very flexible and allow to introduce changes to any page of each particular site.


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