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Staff of our company consists of the certified translators of both European and uncommon languages. In the process of our work we have accumulated a technological base of standards and requirements regarding the execution of documents. Each translated document undergoes editing and checking of spelling of abbreviations and proper names, then the documents undergo a notarized certification in Kiev or putting of official Agency’s stamps.

Team of professional project managers and translators are always glad to fulfill Your order on translation from/into almost all languages of the world. 
Our Company specializes in translation of materials of different subjects of any complexity including: 
Technical translation
Translation Company SOLT renders professional services of translation of technical documents of almost all fields of industry in shortest possible terms. We take orders of any complexity engaging translators of high qualification who thoroughly know the subject of the source text. From the time of creation of our agency we have translated tens of thousands of pages of technical texts of different fields: motor transport, machine building, information technologies, food industry, electrotechnics, metallurgy, building, telecommunications etc. 

Translation of business and personal documents 
SOLT Translation Agency offers You a service of urgent translation (in several hours) of business and personal correspondence (confidentiality of the correspondence is guaranteed), and on-line translation for news, press-releases etc. Due to accumulated experience our agency renders services of translation of juridical texts (agreements, contracts, charters, banking documents, legal judgments etc.) of any volume and in the shortest possible time. We guarantee the high quality of translation of the documents and their correct formatting.

Literature translation
SOLT Translation Agency renders services of translation of literary and semi-popular texts, magazine articles, advertising booklets, PR-texts etc.

Translation of personal documents
SOLT Translation Agency renders services of translation of passports, diplomas, certificates, references and of many other documents. We guarantee high quality of translation and efficiency of fulfillment of the order for available cost. 

We offer You a convenient possibility to place an order on-line. Free registration on our site and placement of Your order on Your personal page will allow us to give on-line evaluation of the cost and time of fulfillment of translation of Your materials and to provide You with full information on processing status and fulfillment of Your order.

For a long time we have been in contact with foreign companies and their representatives, embassies, consulates and different organizations, what enables us to satisfy their requirements to the translation

Managers of our company bear responsibility of each official document delegated to us. Be sure that our translations will meet the requirements regarding the accuracy and faithfulness as well as the due terms of executing of the translation.

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