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Interpreting is rapid, interactive translation with no room for mistakes. SOLT”s interpreters can handle even the most challenging situations; we have done it thousands of times for thousands of people and companies all over the world.

For your job SOLT will select interpreters who are fluent in the specialized terminology of your field and able to simultaneously listen and make instant language choices that are culturally sensitive, diplomatic, and accurate in tone as well as content.

We offer the following interpreting services: 

  • Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting
  • Escort Interpreting
  • Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting

From a network of 45 branch offices Skrivanek answers your onsite language needs immediately almost anywhere in the world. We offer local, native-speaking, qualified professionals who are:

  • experienced at interpreting everything from confidential legal transactions to large corporate training sessions
  • fluent in at least two languages and well-versed in the associated cultures
  • professional in attitude and appearance, making them superior representatives for you at such international events as trade fairs, conferences, and high level negotiations

Simultaneous interpreting is translation that flows as the speaker is speaking and is used for such events as multilingual conferences or international meetings.

Consecutive interpreting is translation delivered after the original speaker has finished talking and is a common choice for business meetings and training courses or interviews.

Skrivanek has the resources and expertise for both and we will help you decide which is best for any situation.

Escort Interpreting

Be at ease anywhere on the globe

Skrivanek’s interpreting services are also available for less formal situations. From airport arrivals to sight-seeing, every aspect of your international obligations will run more smoothly with the assistance of Skrivanek interpreters. Personable and professional individualswith a mastery of all of the languages involved, our interpreters will raise the quality of any international experience.

For ordering of the consecutive interpretation or simultaneous interpretation, as well as to ask questions, please contact

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