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During the past 30 years China has become a major player in the global economy and an extremely interesting country for Western brands. High quality translation to Chinese is one of the keys to success on the market of China.


Nowadays China is a high tech and at the same time a developing country. More and more manufactures and entrepreneurs are trying to connect their business with China as all experts consider China to be a country with great perspectives. It’s impossible to develop a foreign business without qualified translation.

The Translation Agency SOLT selected a group of well-qualified experienced translators who understand Chinese culture and language peculiarities very well. Therefore, we ensure that translations in any sphere of social, economic or cultural activity will be performed on a high professional level and in full conformity with the initial meaning of the original.

Chinese Website Translation

Our company has many options to strengthen your business in the international area. Translation of a website content into Chinese is our considerable activity. We translate all kinds of website content and provide other supplementary services including SEO (MSEO), PPC translation, international social media monitoring, global email marketing. Moreover, we offer services of transcreation.

Chinese Certified Translation

We ensure the highest level and authenticity of translation in any sphere of people’s activity. All our Chinese translations go through an independent audit for correspondence to  ISO9001 and EN15038 standards.  So the service we render is actually called Chinese certified translation.

Chinese Document Translation

We provide services connected with all kinds of Chinese document translation. Our professional linguists are experienced enough to carry out translations of all types of documents from technical documentation to legal contracts. They perform translations in both directions:  from Chinese and into Chinese.  We are able to provide machine translation as well should a client require to have the translation made quickly and inexpensively.

Chinese Urgent Translation

If your need your translation to be done urgently without compromising clarity and content we would offer youChinese Urgent Translation. The translation Agency SOLT has at its disposal all the means necessary to provide you an urgent translation on a good comprehensive level. Our offices are located all around the world. So taking into account the time difference between different countries, we are able to provide our services during 24 hours a day. You can rely on us with your urgent Chinese translation at any time and in any country.

Chinese Express Translation

If you work in conditions of tight deadlines and urgency is more important to you than an extra high standard of translation, Chinese Express Translation is exactly what you need. A lot of internal documents do not require very strict compliance with translation standards therefore we don’t use the review services for work under such projects, so the expenditures for our work  will be significantly cut and your costs will be respectively reduced. We could also find in our database some ready to use forms and offer them to you.

Chinese Manual Translation

People often have difficulties with foreign goods because these goods are often accompanied by incorrect manual instructions. Translations of manuals into various languages is a very popular service with the companies that sell their products abroad. It’s not a problem for us to help you in selling your products to Chinese-speaking countries by performing of qualified translation of any kind of manuals.

Chinese General Translation

If the task of your Chinese translation does not require work with specific terminology connected with a special field of knowledge (scientific, financial etc.)  you can order general translation. Translation of informative material about products or services which do not require knowledge of highly specialized terminology has advantages connected with the time of performance and cost benefits.

Chinese Legal Translation

All translations of legal documents require deep and detailed understanding of all nuances of the subject and perfect knowledge of specific terminology. Mistakes and misinterpretations of legal documents will possibly lead to penalties and waste of time. We have a special team of experienced translators working with Chinese legal translations who will provide translation of any legal documents into Chinese or from Chinese.

Chinese Marketing Translation

We propose you services of marketing translation that requires special skills. Our team is highly experienced in marketing translations and able to perform not a literal translation but prepare a text that can serve as an instrument for a successful presentation of your goods or services in terms of further sale and getting profit. Such kind of work requires much creativity.

Chinese Business Translation

Communication properly organized and developed is very important in interaction with your business partners. Communication with foreign partners requires knowledge of their native language. Our qualified business Chinese translators can be of much assistance in reaching success in any sphere of business activity.

Chinese Medical Translation

China is on the fifth place in the EU-27 and on the eleventh place in the world with its medical market. If you need to enter the Chinese medical market and develop your medical business in China, Chinese Medical Translation will be very important to you.  Extremely careful and accurate translation is of crucial importance when we deal with medical service or pharmaceutics. We charge specialists educated and experienced both in linguistics and in medicine to perform such kind of translation work. 

Chinese Technical Translation

Technical translation is one of translation fields that demands very strict technical conformity. Chinese translation of technical documentation requires absolute knowledge of technical terms and their equivalents that are normally used within any specific field. To ensure perfect equivalence between the original and its translated version we always assign high-professional translators experienced in in their respective fields.

Chinese Special Translation

There are many special directions requiring deep professional knowledge of the subject, i.e. medical, legal, technical direction, different product manuals and websites. A lot of companies are not able to provide qualitative translation of any type and language as it is not so easy to have professional teams well-organized and always ready to undertake fulfillment of a complicated task. Our company created a number of professional teams working under special translations. We are constantly developing and training our staff and we are entitled now to state that we have the best Chinese translators ready to cope with tasks of any complexity.

Chinese Contract Translation

Legal translations need the same accuracy as medical and technical translations because any mistranslations may easily lead to such unpleasant consequences as material loss, loss of time or raising a lawsuit. A team of translators specializing on legal issues is constantly working for our company. Therefore, we always provide high quality services. We also guarantee a high security and confidentiality of our work.

Chinese Financial Translation

The Translation Agency SOLT keeps standing relationships with banks, management consultants and the largest financial institutions in the world.  Our translators are always aware of any changes in the global finance sphere and quality of their Chinese financial translations is really the best. To perform very complicated tasks we use the additional service of proofreading charging a financial expert.

Translation Management Process

SOLT GROUP is an Association of Translation Companies. Our agency provides professional Chinese Translation Services which meet the quality standards of the agency being independently audited and awarded the EN15038 and IS09001 certifications.  

We ensure expert Chinese translations because of selecting highly qualified Chinese translators specially prepared for diverse demands of our clients. Chinese translators, professionals in different fields work for the Agency. A relevant translator is appointed for work under each project specified in terms of linguistic peculiarities. To provide the best possible Chinese translation services we are constantly cultivating and elaborating our own professional tools. Our translators can work both as English-to-Chinese-translators and as Chinese-to-English translators.  A wide range of native speakers diffused around the world are also at our disposal so we are always able to help you with the translation independently on where you are located.

Chinese Interpreting Services

Each Chinese interpreting assignment is unique and requires a particular type of performance.

Each of our translation services starts from a clear statement of purpose, so we ask our clients to send the most detailed instructions about their final expectations. Then we select a team of interpreters who are able to fulfill work which will surely meet the client’s expectations. We also provide the necessary audio equipment.

We ask our clients to familiarize us with the following details well in advance before we start:

  • language which is to be interpreted;
  • the number of speakers and attendees;
  • the necessary equipment;
  • the venue (s);
  • the date (s);
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