English Translation Service

Different business activities require different approaches to the process of their translation.

Being the language of international business and diplomacy, academic conferences, science, technology, sport, international competitions and advertising English can be used in nearly every country of the world for translation of different events requiring different specialization.

Our Project Managers have enough experience in the spheres of linguistics and linguistic guidance to be able to arrange translation of any kind of document relating to any trade or industry.

With unprecedented development of internet technologies in contemporary world people living in different countries get closer to each other.

A database of prime specialists in linguistics, science, medicine, technologies and other areas related to translation services gives us the opportunity to arrange the best possible servicing of our clients.

Teams of professional English translators cooperating with our Agency on a long-term base and having experience in almost every  contemporary translation field are always at our disposal ready to undertake any project or task.

We also have reliable connections to English native speakers living in the United Kingdom and in many other countries throughout the world who can be charged in case a premium level of translation in required or a task of a very high complexity is to be fulfilled.

To be serviced in due course and in the most efficient manner all you need is to contact us in advance and answer appropriate questions that enable us to reduce the costs and turnarounds and assign a proper translation team able to handle the required work without any limits to its field, level and direction.

English Interpreting Service

We are able to provide both immediate and pre-booked interpreting services.

As soon as each interpreting assignment is unique an interpreting service booked in advance has vivid advantages as compared with immediate interpreting.

The more detailed instruction you give the better product you will enjoy.

In an advance notice you should better mention:

  • the language and direction of the interpreting required;

  • the number of speakers/attendees

  • the venue

  • audio or other equipment you need

  • dates of the translation events.

Our professional teams  have comprehensive experience of work at International Conferences, for public and business events, commercial negotiations and shopping tours.

Appropriate English interpreters selected and briefed well in advance, high quality audio equipment provided by our Agency for listening and recording  will make you feel confident and relaxed in any situation. Let’s enjoy your international activity together!

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