French Translation Service

Our Project Managers will optimize the process according to your immediate needs and long term objectives.

Should you require a technical translation or a creative writing a professional linguist having a relevant management experience will arrange the process in the best way and manner to reach your goals in due course.

To provide the best quality translation a team of professionals that mostly fit your subject and requirements will be selected and assigned. 

Our professional linguists perform French translations of any highly specified subject and in any direction. In case of necessity the ready translation will be additionally expertized by a proofreader who is normally a native speaker and a linguist at the same time. 

Our project managers are responsible for providing high professional specialists that will meet your requirements in any subject field.

French is one of the most translated languages in the world. To provide enough quantity of French translators in any place and at any time we are constantly working to pick up new professional translations and to improve the skills of our team members.

French Interpreting Service

The current linguistics research has proved that the first thing you actually need to receive a qualitative interpreting is a general high competence. Therefore we make our French interpreters to raise the level of competence through attending refresher courses and specialized training seminars.

The latter are especially important for interpreting in specialized areas starting from technical and finishing with art.

As the sixth mostly spoken language in the world French is widely used in all spheres of people’s activity. The number of native French speakers presently exceeding 100 million is estimated to increase and make over 700 million by 2050.

Over the years of successful practice we are proud to announce that we are able now to give you a professional advice as for the most appropriate interpreter’s specialization which is to be chosen for your particular task.

To quote the best fit service we kindly ask you to provide the following data:

                 - the interpreting direction;

                      - level of the event or the meeting;

                      - number of speakers and attendees;

                       - audio and other special equipment required;

                       - the date(s).

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