Localization – is an adaptation process of software to the linguistic norms and national characteristics of another country. Localization – is translation of content, navigation controls and user interface details. The localization process also includes layout.

Website translation into foreign languages ??discovers new opportunities and prospects, access to the international markets, attracting a new customer base. The main priority of the site translated into several foreign languages - ?is increasing the number of sales abroad.

Localization is a complicated process. First stage of localization is translation of text content, then the interface is adapted.

A particular attention should be given to the localization and website translation, software localization service. It is an effective and fast method to attract potential foreign visitors, clients, customers, investors and partners, which enables to expand the activities and geographical areas of your business activity. Website and software localization is a positive factor and effective way to prepare the site for the promotion and SEO on the areas of your interest.

Localization of a site is a translation of an existing online resource, a web-page, its adaptation and translation into a foreign language (translation of visible and invisible elements - text translation of the content, meta tags, headings, keywords, phrases, and other elements).

Localization (translation) of online resource is collaboration between translators and web editor. Translation agency «SOLT» translates websites of individuals or of corporate clients - on a permanent basis, provides language support and fills sites with content of any foreign language.

The «SOLT» translation agency specializes in the translation of texts of any subject at various levels of difficulty, the most popular services of the agency are:

Discovery of documents


Literary translation

Medical Translation

Scientific and technical translation

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