Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation - a translation that is performed along with a speech of the speaker. Simultaneous translation from a variety of foreign languages ??is organized with a participation of several interpreters and special equipment.

  • Simultaneous translation has a number of advantages. The speaker’s speech sounds without a delay, which allows the audience to perceive information correctly. Simultaneous translation allows reducing the time of the participants’ speech.
  • Given the specificity of this service and translators’ load, simultaneous translation rates significantly higher than sequential translation’s.

Simultaneous translation - is a kind of interpretation when the translation is performed simultaneously with the speech of the speaker. This kind of translation is used for meetings of the UN, the important international conferences and hearings in the Parliament of the European Union. Simultaneous translator during the actual process is in a specially equipped room, and his voice is heard only in the headphones.

Simultaneous translation - is a complex process and it requires careful preparation, both professional and technical. Translators need to be provided with a specially prepared room. It shall have a good sound insulation. Nothing should distract the translator as he shouldn’t hear any noises.

It is important to determine the number of specialists who provide translation only to one language. Indeed, interpretation is a difficult thought process, hence the translation quality will be achieved only with proper optimization of working time of the translator. According to international practice, the simultaneous translator is able normally work continuously only for 40 minutes, then his reactions starts to be dulled, speed of thinking, he becomes tired, and, consequently, the translation quality is deteriorating.

Simultaneous translation - is a kind of translation when you won’t get a good quality at a low cost. Properly organized interpretation of 2-3 times reduces the duration of the event, which means the cost savings on rent and wages of the speaker.

For quality performance of simultaneous translation and maximization of the effectiveness of the event it is necessary to occupy two or more professional translators which possess on a high-level of theme of the translation. The “SOLT” translation agency will provide you with qualified translators, speaking native languages as well as foreign languages, and having necessary skills and knowledge for accurate interpretation.

Oral simultaneous translation is intended for larger events that require special program. Translators are needed during:

  • forums,
  • congresses,
  • seminars,
  • lectures,
  • concerts.

You can order simultaneous translation for VIP-events with a small number of people.


  • Simultaneous translation requires special equipment! If the room where you plan to organize your event is not equipped with such equipment, you can order here.
  • Frequently interpreter is needed urgently - the day before or even the day of the event. We will not refuse to help you in this case. BUT recommend ordering oral consecutive interpretation within 3-7 days and simultaneous translation - at least a week before your event. Thus we can selected the most appropriate specialist for you to do your order in the best way and your event resulted effectively.

We have branches in different cities of Ukraine and Russia, which allows the “SOLT” translation agency to provide customers quickly with services of oral consecutive and oral simultaneous interpreters.

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