Text editing and proofreading service

Text editing and proofreading service - linguistic review

To make a good impression about your company or institution, the translation should be carefully reviewed. We will help you with this task in any language.

 Our services:

  • Text editing service
  • Proofreading service
  • Linguistic review service

 We will review the text prepared in your native or foreign language. This includes:

  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Consistent use of terminology
  • Appropriate language register and style that matches your target audience

We will not change the content of the text, but will act as in any other professional publishing house where editors look at the text from aside and correct errors and imprecision that has not been noticed by the author. Every writer and author knows that it is usually hard to notice one’s own mistakes – therefore it is necessary to use editors and proofreaders. We will provide this service in any language.

Editing by a native speaker

Editing by a native speaker provides a high quality of translated texts. European standard has set the requirement by which the text translation is to be carried by a human translator, who is a native speaker of the language the text is being translated into.

A permanent translators co-working activity from different countries creates a powerful synergy effect that above all is expressed in high-quality translations. Still, people have lots to learn from each other. In other words through the constant joint discussions the truth is born.

Advices and assistance of a native speaker is very valuable and that reflects not only by translation to the native speaker’s foreign language, but also in the translation to Russian. Quite often the Russian translator is not aware of all the pitfalls that are hidden in the foreign text he translates. A chance to get a valuable help and good advice from foreign colleagues at any time is an invaluable experience.

When editing texts by native speaker there is a number of advantages:

• The authentic style of the text.

Native speaker feels subtly the natural sounding speech. Thus through the editing of artistic, marketing and consumer documents the customer gets more comfortable for foreigners translated text. Foreigner accepts these texts as the original, written in his own language.

• Accurate translation of the whole semantic tones of speech. In every language there are lots of synonyms for each word. In the translated text a single word often can be replaced by a whole phrase, and a sentence can be formulated by a short locution. Even the intelligent and experienced Russian-speaking interpreter does not always able to catch a difference between the phrases in translation, but native speaker who accurately perceives all tones of meaning in the text.

A native speaker edits the text very subtly, formulates a clear structure of the document, works on vocabulary and the whole of phrases. Finally the translated text can accurately reproduce all the nuances of the required meaning of the text.

• Adaptation to the reader. In the translation process of marketing and advertising copy texts the mentality of the target audience must be taken into account. An editor (a native speaker) will check all combinations of words, names, etc.

Adequacy of translation into a foreign language, in some cases requires the use of a native speaking specialist translator. The need of native speaking translator’s services is in demand, for example, in case of need to translate the website, books, documents, articles and scientific publications, reports, press releases, which are being published for the foreign reader.

The translation provided by a native speaking translator allows precisely and in fullest extent describe the content and meaning of the text, allows to make it stylistically correct and understandable, as well as to the foreign reader could adequately perceive the meaning and content of the text.

Translator, a native speaker - a specialist for whom the language into which the text is translated is a native.

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