Translation of personal documents

Translation agency “SOLT” provides:

  • translation of passports;
  • translation of certificates;
  • translation other certificates, including birth, marriage or divorce, death;
  • translation of license;
  • translation of qualifications (diplomas, certificates, diploma annex, report cards, transcripts);
  • translation of military tickets;
  • translation of work books;
  • translation of seals;
  • translation of authorizations (child to leave abroad, for adoption);
  • translation of powers of attorney;
  • notarization of documents translation.

Do not know whom to entrust the translation of personal documents?

The answer is – to those who established himself in the field of translation as a serious and reliable professional!

Translation agency “SOLT” - is reliable partner you were looking for!

6 years of translation of texts of any complexity in any subject.

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The following can be translated and certified In translation agency “SOLT”:

  • a passport and a foreign passport, certificate of civil status - birth, marriage and death, certificate of change of name;
  • certificate and its annexes, certificate of education, letters of recommendation;
  • workbooks, different certification – military ticket, place of work, a criminal record;
  • driver's license, insurance policy, agreement a child to leave abroad, power of attorney;
  • lawsuits, adjudications, (court) statements, contracts, resumes, etc.

Also, translation agency “SOLT” provides related services, such as consular legalization, apostille, accompanied by an interpreter in the notarial work while preparation and certification of documents.

When ordering translation of personal documents, please notice the following:

Manager needs to be provided with transcription of names and company names when ordering.

The translation of official documents shall be handled only by professional translators with confirmed qualifications. Translator’s qualification is to be confirmed by notary.

To confirm the authenticity of the document abroad, it is necessary to conduct a consular legalization or apostille (of the original or a copy) - the selected action will depend on the country in which the document will be used.

If the document’s owner is qualified interpreter, he still has no right to certify the translation of his documents.

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The “SOLT” translation agency specializes in the translation of texts of any subject at various levels of difficulty, the most popular services of the agency are:

Apostille, legalization

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