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For today’s level of technological advances smart specialization is a must. Even a mother tongue translator will hardly be able to know and use relevant terminology in the spheres where personal experience is required.

Thus technical translations can be accurately performed only by experts with a due level of comprehension, while marketing and seo translation services require experience exactly in this sphere.

Contemporary linguists use translation software connected to specialized and specific dictionaries acquired in the course of long-standing practice. Practice is absolutely necessary to have the work done on a due level. You will inevitably come to the same conclusion as soon as you have your first translation experience. Sometimes even the intonation can be independently meaningful.   

Document Translation

You will fully enjoy our flexibility here. We accept any known types of documents and image formats.

Use of the specialized software STREAM which works in tight connection with our dedicated translation management software package helps ensures providing fast and effective performance of translation orders. 

We have been working with the document translation workflow system for years constantly adjusting and improving professional software tools.

Legal Translation

Another essential feature of our successful business performance is continuous improvement of qualification. We happily join quality certification programs run by authoritative linguistic institutions to get the certificates proving our company’s high skills level both in translation and in management. The growth of certification programs is a natural reaction to the changing market requirements.

Pharmaceutical Translation

One of the current market requirements is cooperation with industry leaders for getting the updated information and advice. It is especially essential for performing of faithful medical and pharmaceutical translations. Prominent experts from ERA Consulting are among our constant partners. Their assistance assures full compliance with Regulatory standards of Europe, Asia and North America.

Financial Translation

Having performed a number of top ranked projects in the sphere of economy and finance we have taken a strong leading position and presently enjoy servicing of our numerous clients who trust us with their projects. Trust and strong cooperation reliably fix our position in this industry, which was additionally proved by successfully passed audit.

Website Translation

Good quality is valued all over the world and helps to gain a good reputation. It is difficult to think of a feature more important for doing business internationally than good quality and reputation. Therefore up-to-date translation of your website or blog can connect you to the most favorable and desirable partners all over the world.  Working in cooperation with our company on international markets  you will also enjoy full confidentiality.

Marketing & Advertising Translation

Marketing & Advertising Translation is our strong point. No other specialization requires so much creativity, intuition, insight and knowledge of other cultures. Brand communication with consumers can drastically differ from one culture to another. Therefore we are ready offer you a more advanced service of “creative writing” which is presently widely used instead of simple translation in the sphere of advertising, PR and marketing.

Market Research Translation

Market research is the first step to be made for starting business in a new market. Next is Market Research Translation which is a sophisticated and sensitive piece of work. Except for the perfect command of a foreign language it requires good knowledge and understanding of culture peculiarities of your target market. To realize the objectives of your multilingual research translation project the team working on it should be experienced in marketing.

Technical Translation

Accurate technical translation has a definite influence on perception of your product. To assure accuracy and consistency we always address for advice to the area specialists and hire only highly professional translators with a relevant experience both in the field and in use of glossaries and contemporary software. Our database is constantly being filled with successfully fulfilled projects which represent praiseworthy samples of teamwork.

Translation of business documents

The translation of business documents has several important features. As texts of business documents must be prepared in accordance with accepted and strictly regulated form. In the process of translating texts of business documents the most important task for a specialist translator is complying with the necessary forms, as well as proper placement of translated and adapted text into it.

Translation of business texts should be performed taking into the account all the language cliches used in the material, as well as strict compliance with the important and necessary rules for the preparation of documents. The effectiveness of partners' negotiating as well as the impact of investments in business directly depend on quility of translator's work. So, the selection of translator should be treated with the utmost responsibility.

Specialist-translators shall perform translations of business documents with special responsibility for the quality of work done. When working with different types of business documents the international experts in each area should be involved.

The translation of business documents include following:

  • business plans, presentations;
  • translation of business correspondence;
  • translation of price-lists reports;
  • translation of the materials used in participating in various tenders;
  • translation of instructions.

Note that the specialist translator of commercial and business papers and materials shall be able not only fluently speak the target language, but, before he is hired, he also has to know all the basics of business vocabulary and ethics of the target language's country.

In the process of translation of commercial papers and documents it is very important to know all the acronyms, as well as reductions, which are used in the business in various countries. Time to time it is better to invite an expert for translation of business documents who did or does a business in the country of the language you want to translate.

The “SOLT” translation agency provides an immediate fulfillment (for several hours) of the translation of business and personal correspondence (confidentiality guaranteed), as well as translation of materials “real time” for purposes of news feeds, press releases, etc. Thanks to the gained experience the translation agency can provide a translation of legal texts (agreements, contracts, regulations, banking and papers, etc.) of any size in shortest possible time. We guarantee high-quality translations of documents and their correct layout. 

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