Urgent translation

“SOLT” translation agency specializes in translation of orders of any volume (large text volumes within a very short time). The speed of the text translation depends on a language pair and translation subject. Our translators produce any translations regardless of difficulty, subject or volume. Urgent translation of large texts in foreign language is a major advantage of our company.

Price for urgent translation

Price of the urgent order is higher than the cost of non-urgent translation and depends also on the language pair and translation subject. The cost of urgent translation or interpretation of large projects is set individually in each case with a compulsory consultation of cost, terms and payment conditions with a client.

Technology and urgent translation process

The main task during urgent translation is prevention of quality loss of the translation due to the short time. Such result is achieved owing to the adequate conveying of the whole translation process, in particular owing to well coordinated work of managers, translators and editors, processability of order processing and performance.

An example of urgent terms of translation from/into European languages is given below:

Urgent translation of 1 page and less is performed within an hour.

Project: 60 standard pages or more

Potential time for performance: 1 working day.

Project: 300 standard pages or more

Potential time for performance: 2-4 working days.

Project: 1000 standard pages or more

Potential time for performance: 7 working days.

Extra charges for urgent translation are 50-100% depending on translation terms, volume, language pair and translation subject.

Professional, top quality, urgent translation can be performed only by a team of translators, editors, proofreaders and person in charge of quality control.

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