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The Internet is daily becoming more and more popular business environment. Therefore, the determining factor is the quality of your representation in the Internet space.

Site content is the key to winning customers, and if you want to translate content, it is his quality to determine your success. You will be pleasantly surprised by prices for translation of websites in our agency, the results of cooperation can be estimated already in its first stages.

The Internet is only 10% full of resources in Russian, the rest are in English and other languages. In order to make your website clear to millions of users around the world, you just need a quality website translation.

Most of the companies abroad, using standard search engines (Google and Yahoo), can not get information about your company, if the is only Russian version of the site. Therefore, if your plans are to take the company to the international market, of you want to get foreign customers and partners, or you’ve already got contacts in foreign companies, and they need to get information about your company - you just need a version of the site in English. The translation of the site performed at a highest level will help your company to get to the next level of development in international relations.

Website translation is significantly different by lots of parameters from other kinds of translation. Therefore, translators, who are involved should not only have strong knowledge of the language, but also the skills of desktop publishing, knowledge of web-based tools and programs to ensure efficiency of the site, and to understand how the site is perceived by both search engines and users. Also the website translation may require some knowledge of layout and web-design.

The website translation requires more than the usual translation. Therefore, our recommendation – is to entrust the work to native speakers, who feel the language into which the website is being translated as native. That's how you can get good text, which can convey style and wordplay of the original text, as it is the basis of presentation of information on the website. After all, a thorough knowledge of the language will adequately convey the information with all the nuances and subtleties. In addition, many slogans and headlines aren’t often translated, and they need to be rewritten.

The “SOLT” translation agency offers a full range of website translation services, starting from a content creation and support of foreign language website. The support may be partial - support of forums, placing news, making surveys, writing press releases in a foreign language, or a complete - with the optimization for various search engines. The high-class team of professional translators and writers are always ready to perform the work.

When ordering the website translation, we are assessing the operational cost of the work, provide free trial translation of a small text that you can evaluate the quality of the translation.

We provide website translation in the following languages

Arabic Website Translation

It is highly recommended that you use a professional Arabic translation agency to translate your website content into Arabic. Arabic is a complex language and as a right-to-left language, sometimes causes issues with designs that are based on left-to-right languages such as English, French or German. Plus the Arabic language is a double-width (or double-byte) language which means that each character takes up twice as much space. For this reason, titles and meta descriptions often have to be transcreated to ensure that they meet the correct length requirements as advised by Google and other global search engines.

Chinese Website Translation

Chinese website translation requires local, native translators and a sophisticated project management process to ensure quality. Chinese, like Arabic, is a complicated language and you’ll need to decide whether to present your website content in simplified Chinese or Mandarin (or traditional Chinese). Furthermore, you’ll need to pay attention to the colour palette you select in your design as Chinese visitors have radically different perceptions of colour. For instance, while red denotes danger in the west (and on websites, often relates to errors), in China it corresponds symbolises good fortune and joy. Also, Chinese SEO is very different from SEO for western markets, not least of all because Baidu is the dominant search engine in China rather than Google.

French Website Translation

French is one of the most widely translated languages and one that is a common choice for UK companies who are thinking of entering new markets in Europe. Our native French translators are professional linguists who can deliver your translation in Standard French, Canadian French, Swiss French or, if you choose, African French dialects too. We have significant experience in French SEO and paid search translation services, offering our clients a bespoke service that includes not only French website translation, but transcreation, copywriting and keyword research to ensure high levels of engagement from your French web marketing.

German Website Translation

With the ever-increasing amount of business being done abroad, German website translation services are one of the many options a company may choose to enhance their global presence. If you’re looking to market your brand to an international audience, we can help you ensure that your clients are getting the right message. We can provide German marketing translations of websites, emails, brochures and leaflets to create interesting and effective communications.

Russian Website Translation

Brands can no longer ignore the Russian market and if your brand wants to target high net worth individuals – particularly if you’re a luxury brand – then you should really be localising your website content into Russian. Russians are big spenders online and brands that successfully translate their content into Russian can reap the rewards of increase online engagement, conversion, revenue and ultimately, profits. We offer a professional Russian website translation service that is second to none, hiring the best in-country Russian translators with deep understandings of local cultures and customs. Our team has experience in Russian SEO and increasing rankings on Yandex through the effective use of Russian keyword research

Spanish Website Translation

Spanish is the second most widely spoken  language globally and one that is a popular choice for brands that are attempting to enter not only the Spanish market, but Latin America and the USA. The growth of the Hispanic community in the United States has meant that many brands, even household names in the US, are looking to localised Spanish content to boost their engagement and conversion rates and ultimately their bottom lines. We offer a bespoke professional Spanish website translation service with a focus on providing our clients with the best in-country native translators regardless of whether they are targeting the USA, Mexico or Peru. 

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