On-line agency of translations

On-line agency of translations


Lately in the Internet network there is a great number of services, giving Clients goods and services of on-line appeared. One of the most widespread services in the internet there are services in a translation. How to distinguish the on-line translation agency from the ordinary bureau of translations? What are his pluses and minuses in?

Most often the sites of on-line translation agencies take a place on free khostinge. They are, as a rule, typical sites-business cards, where the list of services is transferred in a translation, and in a section you will find "contacts" only e-mail, ICQ, rarer number mobile telephone. Main and unique advantage of on-line translation agency are low prices, and failings are much more is narrow-mindedness of services (only writing translation), impossibility to check up qualification of translator, absence of any legal responsibility is a translation bureau before a client, a little quantity languages which an agency works with. Such bureaus of translations are made by the only one man from start to finish, and are in fact the personal sites of freelancers.

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